Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I've been given a special invitation to partner with a team of incredible experts on "The Art and Soul of Peaceful Living"-- a teleconference beginning on July 1st-- and I'd like to invite you to join us!

The vision we share is to empower each person with more freedom, peace, and joy in their life on a daily basis. Not with just a temporary fix, but to truly improve every day of your life!

The cost is only about 30 minutes of your time each day to listen and absorb the transformational wisdom you receive-- but the value is priceless!

There are many wonderful guest speakers that are available to listen to. I will be the featured speaker this Saturday, July 18th, so mark your calendars!

Go to for a complete list of speakers or to for a direct link to my discussion.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Habits are good, right? We are constantly bombarded with the idea that we should create good habits in our life. But aren't habits just a way of building dirt ruts in the map of our brain where we can let our mental driving fall into auto pilot? Have you ever driven to the store or home or school and realized you weren't aware of the drive? This is because driving to these places has become a habit. We allow ourselves to become unconscious during our conscious hours!

So, ask yourself this: if you only do good things our of habit, are you a good person or a habitual person? Is there a difference? YES! Life is way too short to give up any precious moments to unconsciousness. This doesn't mean we shouldn't have good skill in life, it means we should MINDFULLY and CONSCIOUSLY be choosing to engage those skills when appropriate.

I get upset when people recommend that we make a choice early in our life and then develop it into a habit so we never have question that choice again. This might be suggested about things like using drugs, what type of person we want to marry, etc. Wow, doesn't that rob us of the experience of each day mindfully choosing who we are and reaffirming our choices every chance we get?

It's the battle between the parent and the three-year-old within us. We should ask ourselves "why" more often and take the time to answer ourselves honestly and mindfully, rather than just saying "because". Become more like a little child - what a concept!

As we move into a new spring, make yourself a promise to become more mindful and natural. When we have skills which we want to incorporate often, allow yourself to be present while those skills are being performed. A good place to practice is while taking a shower. Instead of letting your mind wander to everything you have to do or everything you forgot to do, stay present and be aware of taking care of your physical body. Now instead of showering by habit, you will be naturally showering - it has become a natural part of you!

Would you like to be naturally kind, compassionate, and caring? Or are you simply habitually kind, compassionate, and caring? There is a big difference - our mindful presence in the act. Remember: "As a man thinketh......".