Thursday, June 24, 2010

My pants are too tight - but I can still touch my toes!

Here comes another summer and I'm sure we have all made the resolution to fit into those too tight pants this year! When you pull them out of the back corner of your closet, take a deep breath and ask yourself this - if they don't fit, will the world explode?

We use the phrase "so what" in a rather flippant way to show our disregard or disinterest in in a certain topic, but why not take it at face value. Challenge yourself this week to honestly ask "so what"? And then be ready for the answer that your ego throws back at you. Be honest - it is usually our ego, not our intuitive self, which drives us to ignore everything amazing about ourselves in favor of shining a spotlight on the things we hate about ourselves.

Can you touch your toes? If you can, then celebrate! Give yourself permission to be honest - not about what you want, but about why you want it. Then decide if you really want to wear those pants. If you do, make it a conscious choice every day until you can. If you don't, "SO WHAT"?


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