Thursday, August 5, 2010

Let's Blame It On The Skinny Pants!

I feel fat! How many times a day do you say this? The question should be: why do we feel this way?

I was watching "What Not To Wear" on t.v. the other day and I was struck by how often the host gives the advice to buy clothes that fit well. What a novel concept!

Ask yourself this: when do you feel fat and why? You may be surprised at the answer. I would guess that this feeling usually comes because of the clothes we wear. Perhaps the waist of our pants or skirt is too tight, the buttons on our shirt don't stay completely closed, even our shoes hurt.

Do you have a pair of "skinny pants" in your closet just waiting for the day you will fit into them again? Have you ever thought that, perhaps, those pants are keeping the feeling fat going?

Here's my opinion: We buy clothes for the size listed on the label. Whether they fit or not, we command ourselves to buy that size. Then we spend our day uncomfortable and self-conscious.

When we are so uncomfortable and self-conscious, we do not feel like participating in social activities or exerting ourselves. This leads to less and less activity, as well as more and more body dissatisfaction.

On the other hand, when we feel comfortable in our clothing, we feel as if we look good and so we act that way. We are comfortable with socializing and getting involved. As we do this, we find more and more ways to be active - which leads to a more healthy body.

The size no longer matters, the feel becomes important. And so we begin to live from the inside out.

Do you ever go to the closet to try on your "skinny pants"? How do you feel if they don't fit? Does it make you excited about life or does it depress you into feeling worthless.

"Skinny Pants" are not a motivator - they are the problem! Ask yourself this: If I were blind, how would I shop for clothes? Wouldn't you buy what feels good to wear?

Make a deal with yourself - go and cut the size label out of all your clothes!
Then decide that the next time you go shopping you are going to "feel" the clothes you buy, not "size" the clothes you buy.

Finally, throw away the "skinny pants" and dance in your baggy sweats - because it feels great!


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  1. Cut out the size labels...great idea! Thank you for directing me to your blog, LeAnne. I really enjoy reading it. you rock!