Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Permission to Play!

As we move towards the fall season, life seems to lose a little bit of energy. So, now is the time to give ourselves permission to play!

When is the last time you looked at life as an opportunity to have fun? Instead of sun glasses, let's put on some "play" glasses and bring joy to everything we do! Then, let's see if that's enough.

Ask yourself, "can I let that be enough?" Notice, I don't define what "play" means. I only suggest how play feels - JOYFUL!

Here's a great example; I love to have a clean house but I hate to do dishes. I know that if I do the dishes, though, I will have a clean house. So I decide to love to do dishes - with a sense of play. Can you think of a three-year-old and doing dishes? Notice how they LOVE to help with everything. Wouldn't it be great if we could recapture that joyful feeling for everything we do?

WE CAN! We simply need to mindfully add a sense of joy to every moment. This doesn't mean that every moment of our day becomes "frivolous" and "childish". Rather, we seek to bring our passion for life into everything we do.

Sometimes that passion is gentle and supportive, other times it is abundant and expressive. Whatever the case, our ability to express gratitude for the gift of life will become a vibrant part of who we are.

Can we do this? YES! Is it easy? NO! Why? Because we have filled our lives with moments of excessive obligation to "should". The concept of "should" robs us of our passion and fills us with thoughts of inadequacy.

"Should" makes us feel as if joyful play is not enough. Yet, if we are able to find a sense of play in everything we do, then that is all we need to do.

So, write down these two sentences - and then sign your name as a personal commitment:



Now, believe it!