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Where do our health beliefs come from? Usually, from an “expert” who convinces us that what worked for them will work for us too. The diet and fitness industries have taken center stage in the pursuit of health and wellness. Society is inundated with advertisements, reality shows, and testimonials on the best and quickest way to achieve the “perfect” body. But, what if much of what we have been taught about diet and exercise is wrong?

It is time for a Revolution of Reconnection! This book challenges traditional beliefs about such topics as “developing habits”, “cardio exercise”, “counting calories”, and “thinking outside of the box”. This is not a standard “self – help” book; rather, it is a “self – connection” book. Through the author’s personal experience, research and honest questioning, the reader learns to open an internal dialog to find intuitive direction for health and wellness. This book gives each reader the opportunity to question “why we believe what we believe” and acknowledge that the best expert resides within each of us. Throughout the text, the author uses yoga and intuitive living to teach the principles of mindfulness and life balance as the foundation of true health and wellness.

"Just Let Go!" was released in November. 2010 by Cedar Fort Publishing.